NYT turns on Fauci: Criticizes mask mandates and calls out shady Wuhan ties

The New York Times has finally turned away from their praise of Dr. Fauci and begun to critically question the decisions he made during the Covid pandemic. Dr. Fauci became the “Science” of Covid-19 for many liberal observers, despite being a deeply conflicted public health official with a penchant for making contradictory statements and troubling ties to the Wuhan lab where the virus likely originated.

The mainstream media regurgitated advice from the public health industry, rather than questioning Dr. Fauci’s ever-shifting positions on issues such as masks and mandates, Big Pharma’s incestuous “royalties” relationship with the National Institutes of Health, and the hard science backing up Covid policy recommendations.

In a recent Times interview, Dr. Fauci’s shifting stance on masks was discussed. Initially, he stated that masks were ineffective and unnecessary for the general population, but quickly changed his position without new evidence, declaring masks as a vital tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19. He later suggested that masks were “a symbol for people to see that that’s the kind of thing you should be doing.”

Dr. Fauci also advocated for forcibly masking children, despite lacking substantial evidence to support such recommendations. He seemed unconcerned about the long-term damage that everyday masking does to children, and his statement shows that nothing has changed in terms of his remorse for the psycho-social toll it has taken.

The public was exposed to SARS-CoV-2 by the end of the Omicron wave and thus had “natural immunity,” yet universal vaccination regardless of prior infection, overall health profile, and age was pushed to benefit Covid vaccine manufacturers. The National Institute of Health even claimed joint ownership over the Moderna vaccine, creating a clear conflict of interest.

Central planners like Dr. Fauci have fought to maintain authority in the face of vast technological changes that democratize knowledge and undermine their exalted positions. It is a reactionary fight that led to the advocacy and implementation of authoritarian and ineffectual policies during the Covid pandemic.

If America wants to be better prepared for the next pandemic, it should restore the principles of a free republic that made it one of the most powerful and advanced nations in the world. It’s time to realize the backwardness and futility of central planning in an extraordinarily complex world.

Written by Staff Reports

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