Rachel Maddow Fears Future Trump Regime, Ignores Biden’s Authoritarian Tactics

Far-left TV host Rachel Maddow from MSNBC chat with CNN’s Oliver Darcy. Both are liberals who often criticize conservatives. In the chat, Maddow thinks a future President might focus on her instead of running the country. She’s not worried about Joe Biden, the current President, who she thinks is a bit controlling, but about Trump coming back and allegedly sending liberals to camps.

The writer doesn’t think Maddow needs to worry much – there’s no rule against being not so smart. The chat starts with Darcy asking Maddow if she fears Trump’s supporters might target her for speaking against him. Maddow responds by suggesting Trump might create camps for his enemies. She wonders if only famous liberals will be in trouble or if others might be too, even those who supported Trump initially.

The Insurrection Act comes up, but it’s unclear why it would be mentioned unless there are fears of liberal uprisings after an election. Maddow tries to say she’s worried about everyone, but she reveals that she’s most concerned about herself. This makes the writer think she’s placing herself at the center, much like AOC.

Maddow and AOC seem to think Trump would focus on them if he were to win again, instead of bigger issues like border security or the economy. The writer believes Maddow is biased towards Biden and the Democrats. They point out that Trump didn’t act as dictatorially as Biden has been showing lately. The writer criticizes Maddow for allegedly spreading misinformation and having a big ego.

Written by Staff Reports

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