The Disinformation Board Is Being Slaughtered With Criticism; Elon Musk Finds It Uncomfortable

On Wednesday, we brought you a story on something called the “Disinformation Governance Board,” and on Thursday, we gave you a furious criticism of the plan that the Biden Administration is working on. Jim Jordan criticized the concept when testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. On Twitter, Elon Musk referred to it as “discomforting” when he saw it.

Inaccurate information about irregular migration, Russian disinformation regarding our elections, and COVID misinformation were the primary motivating factors for the establishment of this board. Many individuals are skeptical of this explanation because they are under the impression that the main objective of the board is to silence conservatives or to quell criticism of the CDC/Biden Administration.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for the United States, was arrested in Jordan.

You made the announcement about the misinformation governance panel at DHS yesterday, Secretary. What are some ways that trust might be broken?

Jordan refused to back down and provided a long number of additional examples in which the administration had disseminated misleading material, such as Hunter Biden’s “laptops of hell.” The response from Mayorkas was:


“But that’s not what your bulletin talked about. Jordan said that it spoke of COVID. “  According to Jordan, it was referring to COVID.

Josh Hawley, a senator for the state of Missouri, carried on with his task and penned a letter for Mayorkas.

When I initially heard the news, my immediate reaction was that it was absurd. No government in the United States would ever utilize its authority to censor the speech of its own people in accordance with the First Amendment.

As the new board’s executive director, Nina Jankowicz is drawing criticism for her leadership style. Even the report about the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden that was spread by the Russians was ascribed to her. One of the senators from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, was unimpressed and referred to Jankowicz as “a beacon for misinformation.” Hawley, on the other hand, referred to her as a “leftist radical.”

In response, Jankowicz said that she was only protecting herself by stating what she did.

She is not a supporter of the right to free speech. During an interview previous to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, she expressed her viewpoint.

If additional platforms were taken over by people who defended an absolute right to free speech, I find it hard to fathom what the future might look like for populations who are already disadvantaged.

We do not yet know how the board will work, nor do we know what punishments it may impose against those who disseminate false information about the government. Having said that, we are aware that these concerns are well-founded. It is imperative that the government fulfills its duties and puts an end to unlawful immigration. The new thought police being established by Biden won’t be able to counter the misinformation being spread by Russia. Tell the CDC to cease releasing data that contradicts itself if you wish to put an end to the COVID disinformation that has been circulating.

This forum may be rather unsettling at times and poses a significant challenge to the principle of free speech. The graphic presents a scientific overview that can’t be adequately conveyed by words alone.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Liberty Daily.

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