Trump Takes on Corrupt Left with ‘Not Guilty’ Mugshot Merch

Former President Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign is already kicking off with a bang, as they begin selling a t-shirt featuring a mockup mugshot of the former president. The t-shirt includes the phrase “NOT GUILTY” as a bold proclamation of Trump’s innocence in the face of baseless accusations.

The mugshot, which portrays Trump as a towering figure at 6’5″, features his full name, date, and the numbers “45-47” as a nod to his two historic terms as president. The t-shirt is already available for purchase on Trump’s campaign merchandise store for $36, ensuring Trump supporters can stand behind their favorite leader in style.

The t-shirt was released within minutes of Trump’s arraignment, showing his campaign’s commitment to transparency and honesty. Trump pled not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, showing his innocence and steadfast dedication to the rule of law.

Despite the accusations against him, law enforcement did not take a real mugshot of the former president nor handcuff him, proving that these charges are nothing more than political theater. Trump did not speak to the press before or after the arraignment, but is expected to deliver a powerful speech from Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night.

The baseless charges against Trump stem from his former lawyer’s alleged hush money payments to a porn star before the 2016 election. It’s clear that this is just another attempt by the left-wing media to smear a beloved conservative leader.

Despite these false accusations, Trump remains a declared 2024 Republican candidate and is poised to once again Make America Great Again. He is also the first former president to be indicted on criminal charges, showing how the corrupt left will stop at nothing to try and take down a true patriot. But with the support of the American people and his unbreakable spirit, Trump will once again prevail.

Written by Staff Reports

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