Biden Faces Dilemma as Son Hunter Found Guilty of Gun Charges After Trump’s Conviction

President Joe Biden recently celebrated the conviction of former President Donald Trump on multiple counts, praising the justice system. However, his joy turned to discomfort when his son, Hunter Biden, was quickly found guilty of gun charges in Delaware. This left President Biden scrambling to rationalize the outcome, suggesting that his son’s high profile due to the presidential campaign led to intensified scrutiny.

It was particularly awkward timing for President Biden, who had just delivered a speech on gun control in Washington shortly after his son’s conviction. The president allegedly expressed regret that Hunter did not receive a plea deal, attributing it to the political attention surrounding his reelection campaign.

The situation was further complicated by President Biden learning of his son’s guilty verdict while preparing for his speech on gun violence. Despite the verdict, President Biden emphasized that he would not offer his son a pardon, standing by the judicial process. In a statement, President Biden expressed pride in his son’s recovery from addiction and acknowledged the legal outcome, while stating his support for Hunter’s potential appeal.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden also spoke out, acknowledging the outcome but focusing on gratitude for the support he received during the trial. While facing a potential lengthy prison sentence, he is unlikely to receive the maximum penalty as a first-time offender. President Biden’s discomfort over his son’s legal troubles highlights the challenges that come with being in the political spotlight, as personal matters can quickly become headline news.

Written by Staff Reports

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