Navy Sailor in Virginia Attempts to Access Biden’s Medical Records

A Navy sailor in Fort Belvoir, Virginia attempted multiple times to access President Joe Biden’s medical records earlier in 2024. The sailor, serving in the Navy’s hospital corps, unlawfully tried to view the president’s restricted records through the MHS Genesis Health System. Despite facing disciplinary action, the sailor’s actions did not compromise the security of President Biden’s personal information, confirmed Navy Commander Tim Hawkins.

Following a report from a vigilant co-worker, the Navy Criminal Investigative Service stepped in and uncovered the sailor’s unauthorized actions. The sailor later confessed that his motivation for accessing the information was mere curiosity, a feeble excuse for a blatant breach of privacy. 


The incident adds to the mounting concerns surrounding President Biden’s health and cognitive abilities, which have long been subjects of debate and speculation. With questions lingering about his fitness for the demanding role of President, this unauthorized attempt to access his medical records only fuels the fire of doubt among Americans.

While a medical examination in February 2023 deemed President Biden “fit for duty,” the unauthorized snooping by a Navy sailor underscores the ongoing scrutiny and skepticism surrounding the president’s physical and mental health.

Written by Staff Reports

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